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What is a loyalty card?
Many companies use loyalty cards as a way to reward and treat their loyal customers. Loyalty schemes are a form of marketing that retailers use to help encourage their customers to shop with them more. This is most commonly in the form of a plastic loyalty card that customers receive.

This can be a point card, reward card, advantage or club card. Each of these come with individual benefits and perks that the customers can then use. Benefits can include discounts and prizes that can be claimed.

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Loyalty cards do not cost the customer any money but can save them significant amounts of cash in the long run.

What are the benefits of a loyalty card?
Loyalty cards are created to help you be rewarded for your loyalty, so it’s best to make use of them when you can! You receive loyalty points whenever you spend in that particular retailer. Although you cannot spend money on the card, you will be able to redeem the points for other goods.

Whilst some loyalty cards offer more than others, many customers see them as a great way to take advantage of what is on offer during their usual shopping. By signing up to a loyalty scheme, customers are offered many rewards in return for their voluntary participation in the program.

Should I get a loyalty card?
If you know you will undoubtedly be making some purchases; then it is good to know how a loyalty card can add to your shopping experience.

It’s important not to let a loyalty card determine how you shop. Instead, they should be used to complement your regular shopping habits. Use loyalty cards to buy things you would do in general and use them as a way to get the available discounts or bonuses.

How do I sign up for a loyalty card?
Signing up for a loyalty card is a quick and straightforward process. You can fill out a form in-store and ask the retail staff to help you with it. Most of the time, the retailer will even promote the different schemes they have available to customers, and you can choose one that best suits your shopping needs.

You can fill out online forms and then a loyalty card will be sent to you. Once you have your card, remember to take it with you as you make your regular purchases!

Loyalty card apps
Most loyalty cards are also available as an app which you can download on your phone.

This means you can still use them to collect points even if you do not have a physical card with you. Apps such as Stocard help customers to store all of their loyalty card accounts in one place. This is a benefit because it enables you to locate and keep track of all of them at once.

What are the best loyalty cards to get?
With so many different loyalty cards out there, it can be hard to find the one which will help you most! See below for our pick of some of the most beneficial loyalty cards that you can get.

1. Tesco’s loyalty card
Tesco’s Clubcard is a scheme that gives points each time customers buy in shop or online. For every pound you spend in Tesco, you will be able to receive one point onto your loyalty card. Each point is worth a penny when you purchase items in Tesco, but you can also trade them in for discounts at many other shops.

Every three months, customers get vouchers depending on how many points they collect. These vouchers can then be spent in Tesco or with one of Tesco’s Reward Partners.

2. Boots’ loyalty card
The Boots Advantage Card is another great perk for regular Boots shoppers. Every time you buy something in store or online at Boots, you will earn points onto your card. You receive forty points for every one pound spent. This is one of the most generous loyalty card available to consumers!
Each point is worth one penny in store which can then be used to pay for items in full only.

3. Nando’s loyalty card
When you get a Nando’s card, you earn a ‘chilli’ point every time more than £7 is spent. Customers must register their cards online before they use them, which will also gives them a bonus point for doing so!

Each point you get will add up, giving you access to greater rewards as you gain more. Once you earn a certain number of ‘chilli’ points, you can claim your reward and carry on claiming greater ones because the points do not reset like other loyalty cards.

Make sure to research these loyalty cards individually to know more. Find out all of the specific terms and conditions of use before you sign up to any scheme.

How to resolve common loyalty card complaints when you’re not happy?
Whilst signing up to a loyalty card is a benefit for most customers, some experience problems during the process.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your loyalty card, there are steps that you can take to complain.

In most cases, companies will help to replace your loyalty card or resolve the issue as soon as possible.

For example, a customer may be unable to join their preferred loyalty scheme or their account details for the scheme are incorrect. It might be a case of not being able to access their account or having a wrong number of loyalty points added to the account. At times a customer may have lost their loyalty card but would still like to get the benefits. Or a customer may just be trying to cancel their loyalty card but are experiencing cancellation issues.
See below for our simple and helpful advice if you experience any of these minor problems with your loyalty card.

Loyalty card account issues
You should be able to update or change the account details for your loyalty card if they are incorrect or you can’t access your account. Just call the company and tell them what details you would like changed. You may be asked for proof of any changes, but the retailer should be happy to change this for you.

Cancelling loyalty cards
You reserve the right to cancel your voluntary loyalty card scheme at any given time without having to provide a reason as to why. Just contact your loyalty card provider and tell them you do not wish to continue.

Lost loyalty cards
In most cases, the retailer will send you a new replacement loyalty card if you have misplaced it. This can be resolved by calling them and asking for a replacement.

Incorrect loyalty points
If you think your retailer has made a mistake by not giving you enough points on your loyalty card, then you can quickly raise this issue. In most cases, the major retailers will be more than happy to add the missing points onto your card. Make sure that you keep any receipts as proof that you are due more points. You can go into the store with the receipt and have the points added for you directly.

Things to know about loyalty cards
Before you make a complaint about your loyalty card, there are some key points that you should know.

Loyalty cards are not a financial product, so they are not protected by any ombudsman such as the Financial Ombudsman Service. The loyalty points that you receive on your loyalty card have minimal value and cannot be redeemed for monetary compensation. They only provide you with discounts on the retailer’s products.

Loyalty cards are not always provided by the shop that you use the card in. Therefore, if you have a complaint, it is best to address it with the card provider instead of the retailer you purchased with.

In summary, loyalty cards are a great way to increase your shopping experience. They provide added levels of discounts and benefits which you would not usually get without them. They also reward you for your loyalty to a particular shop. This is great if you regularly shop with them anyways.

If you do happen to experience any minor problems with your loyalty card and want to complain, there are many ways to resolve and settle your issue quickly

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