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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is designed to cover holidaymakers for many possibilities while the policyholder is on a business trip or holiday. Most policies cover the following areas:

  • The trip being canceled
  • Medical expenses incurred during your trip
  • Loss or theft of your luggage or personal items and money
  • The trip is cut short unexpectedly

Travel insurance can cover travel limited to within Europe, worldwide travel or other geographical areas, the provider will generally ask you this when determining how much cover you need. For example, if you are traveling to a high-risk destination, your policy must cover for any eventuality relating to travel within that destination. Another example is Skiing holidays, the risk of injury is far higher than a beach holiday so your policy must account for this.

Specialist policies are also available, such as policies for people with pre-existing conditions.

Travel insurance is one of the most involved insurance products available, they cover a wide range of risks and there are many types of cover available. Many customers simply expect their travel insurance to cover any and every eventuality, but the reality is that policies contain strict limitations and exclusions. The customer might not always know this and it may not have been clearly explained to them at the time of taking out the policy.

If something goes wrong on holiday, making a claim can seem like a daunting task. It can also be rejected for a number of reasons, like non-disclosure of pre-existing medical conditions, alcohol consumption and taking part in activities not covered by the policy.

Some of the most common reasons for a failed travel insurance claim:

Alcohol: A travel insurance provider may dismiss a claim if a customers alcohol consumption resulted in the circumstances for the claim. Meaning, if you had a fall because you were drunk or had to stay in the hospital because you drank too much, the insurance company would immediately dismiss the claim.

Sports and Activities: Travel insurance policies usually provide a list of what activities are included and excluded from your policy. The level of cover depends on what activities you are intending to engage in.

Lack of reasonable care: If you have left your personal items unattended on a beach, it is likely that your claim will be rejected because you did not apply reasonable care.

Lack of documentation: If when making a claim, you cannot provide evidence backing up the grounds for your claim, it is likely the insurance provider will dismiss it. For example, if whilst on holiday you had to visit the doctor, you must provide your insurance company with doctors note from a certified physician detailing the illness or injury and treatment.

Pre-existing medical condition: Failing to declare all pre-existing medical conditions when first taking out a policy can void all claims for that person for any medical conditions related to their condition.

When looking at claims against travel insurance providers, our expert team of experienced professionals will consider the policy wording, which is often described in very broad terms. As more and more consumers are purchasing insurance products online or via price comparison sites, it is important that insurers bring potentially burdensome policy terms to the attention of customers, when they take out insurance policies.

If you think you have a claim or are unhappy with your travel insurance policy, get in touch with us today to discuss a possible claim.

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