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Do I Need Caravan Insurance? – FAQs and Caravan Insurance Guide

Many people in the UK own caravans for either work or pleasure. If you’re a caravan owner and want to find out about caravan insurance, we’ve put together this helpful guide.

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What is caravan insurance?
Caravan insurance is insurance protection that covers your caravan, holiday and belongings in case things go wrong. There are many different types of caravan insurance depending on whether your caravan is touring or static.

Caravan insurance works by paying out to cover the costs, and it usually lasts for twelve months.

Do I need caravan insurance?
Legally, caravan insurance is not compulsory. You do not need to buy caravan insurance according to UK law. If you are towing a caravan with your car, your car insurance policy is enough on the roads. However, this will only give your caravan third party cover. It will not cover your caravan if it gets stolen or injured. You should not just assume that your existing car insurance will cover your caravan in the same way.

Caravan insurance can be a good addition because it will protect your caravan against any damage and theft. The type of policy that will best suit your caravan will depend on the kind of caravan you own and how frequently you use it.

Should I tell my car insurer that I’m going to tow a caravan?
In most situations, it is best practice to tell your insurer that you will be towing a caravan because putting a tow bar onto your car counts as modifications, so you should let your insurer know you now have one.

What caravan insurance policy do I need?
Before you decide on the type of caravan insurance, you need to consider what kind of caravan you have and what you use it for. There are three main categories.

  • Static caravan insurance – this covers caravans that remain static at the same location permanently including holiday and caravan parks.
  • Touring caravan insurance – this type of policy covers towing caravans. These are caravans that you tow behind your car. Most car insurance companies will provide third-party protection for caravans. So it is best to check with your car insurance company to be sure this is provided.
  • Motorised caravan insurance – this is for caravans such as motorhomes. You should undoubtedly cover this type of caravans.

What is included in a caravan insurance policy?
The majority of good caravan insurance policies will protect your caravan against theft, vandalism, accidental damage, fire and any issues that arise from bad weather.

If you like, you can include add-ons onto your policy. Possibly include your personal belongings and equipment. Not all policies will include the same features, so it’s important to read each specific policy details.

Cover for personal belongings that are locked inside the caravan or equipment such as power generators often is not usually covered without add-ons. But before you pay for extra add-ons, check if your existing home insurance policy will protect it. Though it is good to check with your home insurance policy, it might not cover everything in your caravan.

In the case of a stolen caravan, your policy will pay out for the cost of the caravan as when it was new. If your caravan is damaged beyond repair, your policy will usually pay out the current devalued cost of the caravan when you make the claim.

Be sure to check if your caravan insurance policy is based on the new-for-old cover or just market-value cover.

What is the best caravan insurance to get?
The best type of caravan insurance policy will vary depending on your individual needs. The best policy for you will be one that protects everything you need it to.

Start by researching caravan insurance. Look online at different policies and see which one best suits your needs. Check customer reviews so you can see what people think of the various insurance providers.

Caravan insurance reviews by real customers can be found on multiple sites. Reading reviews will help you get a clear idea of what companies are highly rated. You will also know if there are any companies you should consider avoiding.

How do I get cheaper caravan insurance?
There are some steps that you can take to help reduce the cost of your caravan insurance.

For example, increasing the security of your caravan or buying a wheel clamp or an alarm can help to lower the prices. Try not to pay for cover twice. For example, if your home insurance policy already covers your personal belongings, you will not need your caravan insurance to protect it too.

What are the average costs of caravan insurance?

1. Touring caravan insurance
The average researched cost of caravan insurance for a touring caravan is approximately £300. This is for a caravan with the value of £20,000. If a caravan is more valuable, then it will be more expensive to insure. Those that are worth more will also cost more to replace or repair if damaged. This is why costs can begin to get higher.
2. Static caravan insurance
Static caravans are more expensive to purchase than touring caravans. This is because of the larger size and the services within them. Usually, static caravans are cheaper to insure. This is because they have less risk. They are less likely to be stolen or damaged. According to average researched costs, static caravan insurance will typically cost less than £300 for a caravan with the value of £45,000.

It is important to note that these estimated quotes do not include contents cover which will need to be purchased as an add-on.

Caravan Insurance Summary
By law, there is no legal requirement for you to have caravan insurance. If you do purchase an insurance policy, it will approximately cost you £150 to insure a caravan with the value of £9,000.

Caravan insurance acts as a benefit that protects your static or touring caravan against any unforeseen theft or damage. If your caravan is younger, newer and therefore more valuable, you should consider insurance as a positive security blanket.

According to the AA, last year more than 4,000 caravans were stolen. Statistics such as those suggest that caravan insurance is a wise choice!

Lastly, membership of the Caravan Club is also recommended for caravan owners. The group is a great incentive that allows owners to access discounts, and it also gives access to over 2,700 caravan locations within the United Kingdom!

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