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Pet owners know that their furry friends are the most essential things in their lives. Pet insurance is designed to offer peace of mind that your pets are safe if they are ever injured or ill. Pet life insurance and pet theft insurance also are covered by many policies.

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We all know that vet bills can be a considerable cost. decreasing the chance, you’ll need to cough up large sums to help your best friend can be a service that many pet owners can’t turn down. This can be especially the case for larger animals such as big dogs or horses.

Types of Pet Insurance Plans
Pet insurance can be considered in two main categories: lifetime and non-lifetime pet policies.

Lifetime pet insurance is generally more expensive than non-lifetime insurance policies, but it covers more. A lifetime policy is designed to protect your pet against long-term and recurring illnesses and injuries. Non-lifetime policies are also known as time-limited policies. They generally cover just the basics with injuries and life-threatening illnesses, for a set contract length.

Most lifetime plans will offer more in-depth cover. This can include treatment for hereditary conditions, behavioural problems and non-essential treatments. Because some breeds are more susceptible to different conditions, most lifetime insurance should cover these too. Some policies will cover complementary treatments like acupuncture, physiotherapy or pet massage.

Providers of pet insurance
You can get pet insurance policies from many different providers. Each one will offer you different financial and medical help for if your pet falls ill or is injured. Here are some popular providers of pet insurance:

  • Animal Friends
  • Perfect Pet
  • Petplan
  • PDSA
  • The RSPCA

Each of these insurance companies specialises in pet insurance policies. They are dedicated to helping you look after your animals, and their services can be hugely beneficial for pet owners.

Sometimes, if you are part of a kennel club, rules and regulations can mean that you need insurance for your animals. Kennel clubs can rule that an animal must be well looked after and healthy to compete.

Benefits of Pet Insurance
Pet insurance has many benefits. The main reason people take out a policy for their animal is for the peace of mind that it offers. Having a plan means that your pet is safer and you won’t have to fork out for them to get treatment.

It also empowers pet owners never to need to choose between financial stability and the cost of their pet’s care. Having a policy means you know your pet will be well looked after. When the pet is being treated, it allows owners to care for their pet rather than struggle with the finances.

It can save owners a small fortune in overnight stays at the vets, x-rays and medicines.

Many providers also will pay out if a pet is lost, stolen, or strays from you. To limit these costs, many insurers will help with microchipping to make sure fewer animals are lost. Some plans will even offer reward funds for finding your pet.

Pet insurance from the right company will help you if your dog, cat or other pet needs looking after while you’re in a hospital. Lastly, plans can also include aid with legal fees if your animal is at the centre of a legal battle.

Pet Insurance Claims
If you have vet fees covered as part of your plan, any trips to the vet can be covered by your policy. Be aware, that the more trips you claim on your pet insurance, the more expensive your cover will be in the future.

Often, your vet will take the details of your pet insurance policy, and will claim on your behalf. This system allows you to focus on your looking after your pet and not on the ins and outs of your policy. Sometimes, insurance companies might not pay out for your trip to the vet. Usually, the vet will contact you to say that this is the case and that you need to pay them directly.

Usually, when an insurer refuses to pay, they have a good reason. Sometimes you won’t have vet fees covered by the policy, or the specific condition isn’t included in the policy.

There are times, when someone is owed money by the pet insurer for their expenses in treating their ill or injured animals, but can’t get it. In these cases, it is essential to contact a reliable and highly-successful claims management company. They will give you advice on how to best understand the money you are owed back and will guide you through the processes.

It isn’t fair that many people who are struggling with an injured or sick pet are then given the stress of being unfairly told their insurance policy won’t pay for the medical needs. At these times, complaining is a super important

Mis-sold Pet Insurance Complaints
Just as other types of insurance can be mis-sold, so can pet insurance. Mis-selling of pet insurance means to sell someone a policy which wasn’t suitable for them, their needs or their animal. It can also mean that the policy was lied about or that the risks of not having it were exaggerated.

One way policies are commonly mis-sold is if you specifically asked the salesperson for the policy to cover certain things. If they said it would, and then assured you to buy one that didn’t cover these things, and you were none the wiser, it was likely mis-sold. For pets, this can mean that the policy
doesn’t cover certain illnesses your animal might be prone to, or it doesn’t cover your animal’s species. These rules are put in place by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and are regulated by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

When insurance is mis-sold, consumers have the right to claim money back from the insurance company. The easiest, quickest and most successful way to do this is by contacting a claims management company.

Expert advice can be needed to get consumers out of tricky situations with insurance providers when the odds are stacked against them. A reliable claims management company will guide you through what you need to know and help win back your money.

If you think you have a claim or complaint to make against your pet insurance company, contact us today.

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