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Legal Expenses and Home Insurance

Family Legal Protection was introduced to cover the costs of being sued and protect you against a substantial loss of earnings. Legal fees can be expensive so this type of cover offers great reassurance to you and your family should you need to make a case.

If in the event you need to make a civil claim legal expenses insurance will cover expenses up to a certain amount. However, not all policies offer this, so it is essential you are aware of what is included in your specific policy.

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This type of insurance is usually closely connected to home insurance policies and can be included or added as an extra. Big brand policies can help with up to £100,000 of legal costs and offer expert advice. Family legal protection insurance covers a variety of different insurances, so it is well worth considering for your home.

What’s covered by legal cover home insurance?
Example policies may include protection against the following:

  • Personal injury
  • Employment disputes
  • Faulty Goods
  • Problems that may occur with neighbours
  • Medical negligence
  • Protection against your property

It’s important always to check the terms and conditions of your policy to faithfully determine what is included in this home & contents insurance add on.

Some key things to look out for are limitations. This will outline the maximum amount the insurers will pay out for protection. The policy will provide legal expenses insurance; however, it will not help with any compensation you may need to pay. It is important to note that your insurance will only cover disputes that have arisen after not before you have taken the policy out. It also does not include any disputes regarding motoring accidents. Anything associated with your vehicle will need motor legal protection.

What is motor legal protection?
Motor legal protection cover will provide you with legal assistance to cover the loss of costs following a non-fault motor accident. This insurance offers excellent peace of mind to those that will worry about being out of pocket if an accident was to happen. This type of protection can be added as an additional benefit to your standard car insurance. Providing better benefits than a standard policy from motor insurers.

This insurance could help you claim remuneration against any personal injury caused. Another example of how this insurance can help is with loss of earnings. For example, if following a motor accident, you are unable to work motor legal protection could help recover the lost expenses. It could help with costs towards medical expenses if needed. You could also receive compensation for the loss of possessions following an accident. Finally, if you do not possess fully comprehensive car insurance, then this can help with non-fault accident repairs.

If you need to act on your motor legal protection and make a claim, then you typically will be appointed a solicitor who will handle this for you. The first thing they will do is evaluate your claim and establish its chance of success. They will then identify specialists such as medical experts and counsels and proceed with legal action if necessary.

Although the benefits and further includes may be appealing it is essential to decipher whether you need the extra protection.

Do I need motor legal protection?
Look at what your standard car insurance policy covers and decide if you will benefit from the additional protection. With some policies, this may already be included. However, when it is not, you should expect to pay an additional £20-£30 a year.

Motor protection doesn’t cover everything. It will not help you with any compensation payments. These are payments that other parties would have been awarded that you will need to pay. Any court-ordered fines will not be covered either, and they will be your responsibility to pay. Similar to legal cover home insurance this policy will not cover the costs that occurred before the case is accepted.

Over 25 million households pay extra for motor legal protection. But do all those people need it? Back in 2013, the financial conduct authority stated that many motorists had been sold this as a default option. In 2016 insurance providers were regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and had to remove the automatic inclusion of this policy online.

The major downfall to this type of insurance is that there is no guarantee that your claim will be accepted. If at the time of the accident there is any doubt about who is to blame then they will not allow. They are after big win cases that they know they will be successful with. This is a major disadvantage with this type of protection as the solicitor appointed to your claim has the final say. Your policy document should outline a full list of exclusions that will apply to you not being able to claim.

Despite that, the main benefit will be that it provides peace of mind for drivers. Reducing the stresses associated with having to make a legal claim following a motor accident. Although, in most cases, it may not seem entirely necessary it is still worth considering. For £20-£30 a year you are essentially alleviating the risk of having to pay out substantial financial fees. The other alternative would be no win no fee financial services. They will take on cases after the event has passed and will take a percentage of any payment that is paid out. Although with motor legal protection you will receive 100% of your payment.

Be sure to check your current standard car insurance policy and make sure you are not already covered with motor legal protection. Remember that your legal home insurance cover does not include motor insurance so you will need both policies to benefit from the advantages discussed above.

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