Mis-Sold Timeshare: Claim Your Money Back

Timeshares are commonly owned and commonly hated. While there are many people with different experiences, there are sadly a lot of people who have nothing good to say of their timeshare.

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Timeshare Mis-Selling Rules
The rules around timeshare mis-selling might seem Complex at first, but they are relatively simple. The gist of them is that the timeshare must be sold fairly and without pressure or lies. These rules are simple to understand, but sadly many salespeople don’t follow them.

What are the reasons a timeshare is mis-sold?
A timeshare can be mis-sold for a variety of reasons. While every case is unique, our expert team is used to dealing with a variety of circumstances, companies and situations. In many instances of mis-selling timeshare owners can get out of their contracts, receive compensation or have their fees reduced.

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Here are some of the most common reasons for a timeshare mis-selling are:

• The salesperson used pushy or forceful tactics. Making someone feel pressured to buy on the spot can void a contract – and you might be owed money back.
• They lied about the timeshare or misled you with confusing information. If they weren’t honest about what you were buying, you could make a compensation claim.
• The timeshare company had hidden fees. If they did their best to hide extra costs or unfair maintenance fees, you might be able to get out of your timeshare legally.
• Not being offered a cooling-off period. If the timeshare salesman didn’t let you know you had a cancellation or cooling-off period, you might be owed money.
• Being told that the timeshare would increase in price and you would make a profit. If they said to you that the timeshare was a financial investment you could make money from, it was likely mis-sold to you.
• They told you your timeshare would be kept at a better quality. If your timeshare has not been well maintained, you might be able to leave your timeshare contract legally

You might also be owed compensation from timeshare companies they tried to stop you ending your contract with them. If they pressured you into staying in the timeshare contract, then you might also be owed Reparation. Terminating a timeshare contract legally is your right, and if you had a legal reason do so, they shouldn’t try to stop you with high-pressure or intimidating tactics.

Many people who have approached a timeshare termination company were then compelled to buy an ‘alternative timeshare product.’ Often these are unwanted or were not needed, and people only bought them in the belief it would get them out of their timeshare. These people were likely mis-sold to and might be owed a cancellation and compensation.

Timeshare Claims
Claiming against a timeshare company can seem daunting. They are usually large companies with difficult complaints procedures and unhelpful staff. There are a few who break this pattern, but sadly most companies in the timeshare industry are hard to deal with.

For most customers, it is wise to speak to an experienced claims team who can help you terminate a timeshare legally.

If you have been mis-sold timeshares, you can often be able to leave the timeshare legally with the help of a claims management company. Claiming compensation from a timeshare company is also possible, and you might be owed a great deal of your money back. This is especially true if the timeshare was sold to you under pressure.

Spanish Supreme Court Ruling: Timeshare Mis-Selling
A landmark court case which is used to help people relinquish their timeshare is one from the Spanish Supreme Court. The Court ruled that any timeshare bought since the 4th of January 1999 has to stick to tighter rules than ones bought before.

The most important rule is that timeshares bought since that date must have a specific time period in it. There must not be ‘floating weeks,’ or types of confusing dates in them. If yours contains dates like this, the contract might be null and void, and you could be due compensation and a cancellation.

This was one of the most significant timeshare law changes to happen in Europe. Many other countries around Europe, where timeshares are common to have followed suit.

Being in Spain, any timeshares in the following destinations are affected by this law, too:

• The Canary Islands, including Gran Canaria
• Costa del Sol
• Andalusia
• Barcelona
• Benidorm
• Majorca

If you or someone you know has a timeshare in any of those locations, it is usually wise to contact our team to see what compensation or contract cancellations might be owed to you.

Don’t miss out on your claim – the longer you put it off, the harder it can be to prove you were mis-sold!

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