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Hotel Complaints – The Available Options For You

 When something isn’t right in a hotel, you’re well within your rights to complain. We’re going to exploring your options for making hotel complaints here.

Hotel Complaints – Your Options

 There are so many different reasons why you would complain about something in a hotel. While they are wonderful places for people to enjoy themselves and unwind, there’s also so much that can go wrong.

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Anything from poor service, to untidy rooms and bad food can really leave an impact on how people look at the hotel. And if you’re not happy with any part of the experience, well, you are within your rights to complain.

Typically, a complaint raised at the hotel begins with the actual establishment itself. As a lot of hotels are independently run, you’ll find you’ll get the most success simply by going down to the front desk and raising a grievance.

How to Complain


So, we thought we kick this off by going over how exactly you complain when you are dealing with something in a hotel which isn’t up to snuff. Naturally, you’ll want to get a resolution to your problem quickly, which is why you’ll often find yourself going down to the front desk. However, if you’re going to do that, we suggest collecting information beforehand which will help you to validate your claim. Photographic evidence of the problem is typically a good idea, alternatively, any offending items from the room will also work just as well.

Try and make sure that you are being polite and considerate whenever you interact with hotel staff. As they are the people who will be working with you, it’s a good idea not to annoy them. Customer service is an interesting entity, being a combination of the willingness of the customer to compromise, and the commitment of the employee to find a solution.

Complaining Tips

Of course, it will be highly inappropriate for us to tell you how to complain without giving you tips. For anyone who hasn’t made a complaint before, it can be a very challenging experience to go face-to-face with someone and say that you’re not happy. So, we’re going to walk you through what needs to be done.

As we said before, make sure that you’ve got a selection of evidence ready to prove that something isn’t right. It’s often best to come armed with a solution as well; hotel workers are usually quite happy to implement your suggestions so long as they are reasonable and achievable.

Once again, as previously stated, it is also in your interest to be polite and respectful. This will help to make sure that you get a good experience, and that any problems you do you have a resolved quickly and efficiently. Something which we also recommend doing is to take the time you made a complaint and the name of the person you spoke to, so if you end up talking to someone different, you have something to refer back to.

Taking a Complaint Further

Some of you may have been in this situation before. There is something really not right with your hotel room, and the new staff member working the front desk just really can help.

This means that you’re going to have to seek out someone with more power. Within the confines of a hotel, this will involve speaking to a senior staff member or the manager.  Typically it’s pot luck as to which of the options you get, however they will have the power to solve your problem fairly quickly. Once again, make sure that your polite respectful and you show them that you’ve tried to resolve this without their help. There are a few things which annoy a senior staff member faster than someone who has bypassed the front desk and just gone straight to them.

What Should Your End Goal Be?

So when it comes to hotel complaints, one thing you do you have to do is work out what you’re aiming for. You see, there is many different things that the hotel staff member can do to help you, but you have to know what you want first. Do you want a fresh set of sheets? Do you want an upgrade to a better room? One of the things that you have to work out as a customer is exactly how much the problem has bothered you and what you want as compensation. This is something which is highly unique to hotels because the limits of what you can get is typically down to your skill at negotiating and grievance you’re raising.

A Review of Options


As you’ve probably been able to tell, there is a lot of different things that you can do when it comes to making a complaint about the quality of your hotel room. As an industry which is heavily geared towards the needs of the customer, many hotels will go to great lengths to try to make things better for you.

However, the key characteristic which you need to maintain through all of this is politeness. As a general stereotype, the average hotel worker gets a lot of grief for what they do, and it can make them uninclined to help. When someone is therefore polite and agreeable, it makes them more likely to find a way to help. Well, there are options for taking your complaint to a higher level, you’ll also notice that a lot of problems can be resolved without the need for any higher authority. However it’s so important that you know exactly what you want before you set out to complain, and you understand exactly where the limits are and don’t push them any further. In some cases, you will very quickly reach the maximum considerations which a hotel will make, and then you’ll need to decide if it’s worth taking or pushing your luck.

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